Cards Against THRONES The New Board Game of Thrones for Adults

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Cards Against THRONES - The Board Game of Thrones for Adults

Includes 731 cards -461 white and 289 black. 4 to 20+ players. 
Age: 17+ only. be ready to get asked some awkward questions* Cards Against THRONES is the unofficial GAME OF THRONES version of the Cards Against Humanity card game. 

Featuring characters from all the GAME OF THRONES movies and classic scenes (like Han shooting first) and some that may or may not have happened off camera. 
So come and find out if Darth Maul's double ended light sabre wasn't the only double ended thing he liked. Stock are located in Victoria Fast Delivery is guaranteed! 

The game starts with the player that can do the best Jon Snow impression. This player will be referred to as the Iron Throne Card Lord. 

The Iron Throne Card Lord reads the question or fill-in-the-blank phrase on the black card out loud. 

Everyone else (the rebels) answers the questions or fills in the blank by passing 1 white card face down to The Iron Throne Card Lord. 

The Iron Throne Card Lord shuffles all the answers and shares each card combination with the group. For full effect the Iron Throne Card Lord should usually re-read the black card with each answer. 

The Iron Throne Card Lord then picks the funniest play and whoever submitted it gets one bonus point. 

After the round a new player becomes The Iron Throne Card Lord and draws the black card. The rebels draw back up to 10 white cards. 

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